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Strategic Planning Goals Banner

Mission Statement

    Through the development of a strategic plan for the Natural Resources Management Program we recognized the evolving and cross cutting duties of USACE Natural Resources Management staff along with the changing conditions of our environment and the expectations of our customers.

    A refined mission statement reaffirms our commitment to ensuring the protection of all project missions while carefully balancing environmental and recreation needs.

    The proposed refined mission statement reads:
    The Natural Resources Management Program delivers safe public access to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ lands and waters in a manner that protects all project purposes and mission areas through responsible outdoor recreation, environmental conservation and land use management while partnering with communities to serve the American people.

    In addition to refining the mission statement a vision statement has been developed and incorporated into the plan for the program and reads as such:
    Conserve natural resources and provide public recreation opportunities that contribute to the quality of American life.

    Upon plan approval, the refined mission statement and vision statement will be incorporated into documents and regulations as revisions occur.

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