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Strategic Planning Goals Banner

Goal of the NRM Strategic Plan

    The primary goal is to complete a NRM Strategic Plan that aligns with the intent of the 21 June 2017 Director of Civil Works (DCW) memorandum “Further Advancing Project Delivery Efficiency and Effectiveness of USACE Civil Works”. It states in part, “The desired outcome is to identify opportunities for enhanced project delivery and increased organizational efficiency and effectiveness…As a world class organization, we are committed to reliably delivering the best quality projects and services on time, and within budget.” The PDT will adopt the framework of strengthening the foundation, achieving the vision, delivering the program (Figure 1) and seek to align with USACE’s Campaign Plan’s and Civil Works Strategic Plan’s goals. The output of this effort will support the objective of “Revolutionizing Civil Works”, through development of innovative and creative solutions for the challenges faced by NRM program.

    Within this framework the NRM strategic plan will focus on the following objectives:

    1. Workforce. Build and cultivate a world-class team equipped to deliver high quality solutions.
    2. Communication. Effectively communicate the NRM mission to enhace understanding, support, and apprecation of the program by internal and external audiences.
    3. Resourcing. Apply consistently informed decision making practices, adaptive approaches, and efficient use of available reousrces to deliver a quality Natural Resources Management Program.
    4. Program Delivery and Execution. Support and deliver innovations that sustain the NRM program to meet current demands and future challenges.
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