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Natural Resources Management Strategic Plan

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Operations Division Natural Resource Management Program has developed a comprehensive Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategic Plan that provides a foundational framework for the future of the NRM program to ensure continued safe public access to USACE lands and waters in a manner that protects all project purposes and mission areas through responsible outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, and land use management while partnering with communities to serve the American people. The plan embodies the priorities of the Chief of Engineers Campaign Plan. It continues an already strong program and emphasizes the need for a focused vision to make smart, well-informed, and consistent decisions. In an effort to guide our service and actions over the next ten years, this plan has been thoughtful in outlining and describing our goals and strategies related to people, partnerships, readiness, and the capability to revolutionize the program.

This plan replaces the 2011 Recreation Strategic Plan which focused solely on the challenges within the recreation program. A single comprehensive NRM strategic plan that captures the vision of the total natural resources management program and the support to other missions will serve as a more efficient document to provide direction and consistency nationally. This plan is for a 10-year period from 2021-2031.

Blue Ball NRM Strategic Plan (Approved 2021) Blue Ball At a Glance
Blue Ball Goal of the NRM Strategic Plan Blue Ball NRM Mission Statement
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