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NRMS Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    The NRMS began as a paper file system in the mid-1970s (originally know as the RRMS or Recreation Resource Management System). In 1984, the system was automated, residing on a mainframe and accessed from remote computer locations in the field. The NRMS migrated to a desktop computer platform using a relational database format in the late 1980s and was operated in that configuration until 1999, when the NRMS was subsumed in the Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link (OMBIL). Throughout the years, the system continued to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the O&M community.

    ER 1130-2-414, "Project Operation, Natural Resource Management System," which was superseded by ER 1130-2-550, dated 15 Nov 96, Chapter 12, provided policy and guidance for the NRMS. Data were updated annually at the end of each fiscal year to create a database of record for each year. All the databases for FY 84 through FY 99 are stored in historical files in Dbase III format. These files can be opened and queried using dBase III software, Microsoft Excel, or the data can be imported into Microsoft Access, where it can be queried. There is an old reports generator that uses a FoxPro software program; however, it is not really user friendly. If you are interested in this program, contact Michael Owen, Fort Worth District, via phone at (817) 886-1575, or via email at for more information.

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