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Good Enough to Share

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  • If you have a Good Enough to Share submission, please email it to

    The historical Data Files of the NRMS are in dBase III format and can easily be queried using dBase III (or newer versions) software. However, many IM offices have stopped supporting dBase and have removed the software from their computers. If this is the case with your system, you can also import these files into Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

    The files must be downloaded to your computer in order to use them. Remember, these are the historical records, so you cannot make changes to any of the data. You can change the data in the files you download, but that would be for your purposes only, and would not change any of the historical data.

    In order to compare data found in the NRMS to what is currently being collected in OMBIL, please refer to the OMBIL Mapping Document. This document provides a cross reference for datafield between OMBIL and the NRMS.

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