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    DISCLAIMER: This page contains archived information for this program. It is posted for reference only. You may experience broken links since we do not maintain hyperlinks on archived pages.

    14 November 2017 - Funding Opportunity - Recreational Trails Program
    Funding opportunities offered by DOT for trails. Looks like both require coordination with State DOTs.

  • Youth Service and Conservation Corps Workforce Development -
  • National Trails System Information, Corridor Protection, and Training -

    28 February 2011 - USA Today: Federal program give families 'nature prescriptions'

    23 June 2009 - Access to Recreation Webinar Series - Interpretive Trails
    August 27, 2009, 2 to 3:30 pm (Eastern)

    During this session the project teams will discuss plans to makeover one existing park and build another while creating a multi-sensory trail experience and using technology for visitor orientation. Featured projects:

    Pondview Park, Kettering (OH)  Joe Baldasare, Dayton Community Foundation; MaryBeth Thaman, Kettering Parks and Recreation; and Todd Wales, Vivian Llambi & Associates Southwind Park, Springfield (IL) - Diane Mathis, Springfield Park District

    Pre-registration is through > Access to Recreation Webinar Series. Check the NCA web site for computer technical requirements. Real-time captioning will also be provided.

    14 April 2008 - IMBA World Summit 2008
    Mountain biking enthusiasts from around the globe will gather in Park City, Utah, June 18-21 for the 2008 IMBA World Summit. IMBA Summits bring mountain biking advocates, land managers, ski resort professionals, trailbuilders, park and urban planners, tourism officials and the bike industry together for collaboration, planning, and celebration.

    A 367-mile stretch of the Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia Rivers beginning at Canoe Camp at Orofino and culminating at Bonneville Dam has been designated the Northwest Discovery Water Trail. The Walla Walla District has been an integral partner in bringing the trail to reality.

    30 June 2007 - Trail Accessibility Guidelines Open to Public Comment
    The Access Board, Washington, DC has just announced an important step in the process to establish rules for building accessible trails. A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) has just been published in the Federal Register, which triggers a 90-day public comment period. The deadline for comment is October 18, 2007. The NPRM includes proposed rules for Federal agencies that are based on the guidelines developed by a regulatory negotiation committee for the Access Board in 1999.

    For more on this process, discussion, and the full text of the NPRM, visit the Accessible Trails section of the American Trails website at

    3 July 2006 - Forest Service trail classification system
    The Forest Service is publishing for public notice and comment for 60 days proposed revisions to the agency's national trail classification system, including the Trail Class Matrix and Design Parameters, and proposed implementing directives in the Forest Service Manual and Forest Service Handbook. The proposed revisions were published in the July 3, 2006 Federal Register Notice

    12 May 2006 - American Trails' National Trails Awards Program
    Every two years, American Trails presents the National Trails Awards to recognize the tremendous contributions of volunteers, professionals, businesses, and other leaders who are working to create a national system of trails for all Americans. Nominations should cover accomplishments during the period of June 1, 2004 through May 31, 2006. The awards will be presented on October 21, 2006, at the 18th National Trails Symposium in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. The 12 categories for awards are:

    • Trail Advocacy Award (1 award per state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico)
    • Trail Worker Award (1 award per state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico)
    • Trails for Health
    • Lifetime Service
    • Partnership
    • Trails Public Service
    • Outstanding Media
    • Trails and the Arts
    • Planning/Design
    • Corporate
    • State-of-the-Art Technology
    • Outstanding Trail Sharing
    The deadline for submitting nominations is May 31, 2006. For awards criteria and nomination forms, visit the American Trails website.

    24 February 2006 - American Trails is sponsoring the 2006 contest for photographs of National Recreation Trails
    This second annual contest provides awards in several categories and shows off entries on the NRT Web site. The goal is to highlight the diversity of the NRTs and to make more Americans familiar with these great trails. They are looking for good photos of trail users as well as features of interest, signs, special facilities, management issues, construction, and volunteers. They also want to see entries that cover the many types of National Recreation Trails: greenways, backcountry hiking trails, water trails, motorized trails, rail trails, interpretive trails, historic routes, urban trails, and bicycling and horseback riding trails.

    Photos of any designated National Recreation Trail are eligible. For a list of designated National Recreation Trails, visit our website and check the on line searchable database that will let you see a list of NRTs in your state and provide more information on individual trails. If you're not sure if a trail is an NRT, or if you have questions about the contest, call American Trails at (530) 547-2060 or Entries will be displayed on the website at Please limit entries to 10 photos per trail, and identify the NRT as well as any interesting features and the specific community or location.

    Entry deadline is August 31, 2006

    23 February 2006 - ACA-Recommended Water Trails
    American Canoe Association-Recommended Trails meet certain criteria and stand out as particular good destinations for paddlers. ACA-Recommended Water Trails earn the right to use a special ACA logo in maps, signs and other printed material related to the trail. The ACA will expand this list by designating new recommended trails each year.

    IMBA has several 2005 Trail Care Crew visits to Corps projects, including Green River Lake in September. For others, see the IMBA schedule.

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