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  • Rails-to-Trails Conservancy has recently added a Trail-Building Toolbox to the web. This new feature is designed as a comprehensive resource center to fit the needs of all involved in trail development, from first-time citizen advocates to more experienced planners and trail managers. Content will be continuously enhanced; new topics will be added and expanded upon over the next year.

  • MN DNR's 'Trail Planning, Design & Development Guidelines' publication has now been posted on the agency's website for free non-commercial download.

    Please refer to the following link where you may click on either 'DNR Books' or 'Trails & Waterways', to find the book and download instructions. Because the downloads are password-protected, you'll be prompted for User Name & Password. Contact information is provided online for obtaining this information.

    This will enable students, educators, agency staff and others to download all or portions of the book, which has been divided into Major Sections and Chapters to facilitate partial downloads (and smaller file sizes). Printed, bound versions of the book are being distributed through Minnesota Bookstore.

  • - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has established guidelines for developing paddling trails. Some aspects are specific to Florida, but it gives a good overview of the planning process.

  • Utah State University's Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

  • DoT Recreational Trails Program and Transportation Enhancement Activities
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