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Invasive Species

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers promotes an ecosystem approach to environmental stewardship. This management philosophy includes conservation, preservation and restoration of the lands and waters entrusted to the Corps, as well as those under its regulatory authority. As a result of centuries of habitat manipulation and plant and animal introductions (both intentional and accidental), numerous species have been allowed to reach invasive and/or nuisance status and threaten the integrity of the ecosystem. These species present a management challenge to the Corps.

Invasive species are organisms that are not native (exotic) to a geographical region and cause a problem in that ecosystem. They threaten our nation's resources, preventing or seriously hindering the operation of navigation, adversely affecting flood control, hydropower generation, and water supply, and limiting recreation use by the public. The economic costs can be staggering, and introductions of new invasive species are continuing. Nuisance species are native, but because of a change in the ecosystem (such as natural disaster, major civil works project, or wide-scale land use alteration) they have reached population levels that threaten development or people and are considered pests.

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