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Recreation Use Fees Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. How much does an annual day use pass cost?
    A. Cost is $40.

    Q. For what period is an annual day use pass valid?
    A. The annual pass is valid for one year from date of purchase.

    Q. Do age- and disability-related discounts apply on annual day use passes?
    A. Holders of either an Interagency Senior or Access Pass or Golden Age or Access Passport get a 50% discount on all use fees including the purchase of one annual pass.

    Q. What do I do with it after I buy it?
    A. The annual pass is a hangtag which is hung from the interior rear view mirror of the vehicle. Two decals, one displaying the month and the other displaying the year of purchase, will be affixed to the hangtag upon purchase. On open vehicles or vehicles with no interior rear view mirror, the decals may be affixed directly at an alternate location, such as the left front bumper or the back of the left exterior rear view mirror, rather than to the hangtag.

    Q. What if I have more than one vehicle?
    A. No duplicate passes will be sold because the hangtag may be used on any vehicle the pass holder owns. A visitor may purchase more than one Annual Day Use Pass at full price if desired.

    Q. Where can I use the pass?
    A. The pass is only valid at day use areas operated by the Corps of Engineers. It may not be used at areas operated by other agencies even if those areas are located on Corps-owned property.

    Q. What if my pass is lost or stolen?
    A. Lost or stolen Annual Day Use Passes will not be replaced at no cost unless proof of theft, such as police report or insurance document, which specifies the theft of the pass, is provided.

    Q. How many age- or disability-related discounted annual passes can be purchased by a single individual?
    A. One. A visitor may purchase more than one Annual Day Use Pass at full price if desired.

    Q. Why aren't we allowed to charge entrance fees to our parks?
    A. Public Law 90-483 specifically prohibits the collection of admission or entrance fees at Corps of Engineers-operated public recreation areas.

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