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Classification of Visitor Suggestions

    Continue from last, visitor responses to the question “What improvements would you like to see in this area?” should be classified during data entry. The resulting classification of visitor comments will be used to organize summary reports of visitor suggestions that should make it easier for managers to identify the types of facility and service improvements most often requested by visitors.

    Responses to this question should be classified into one of the 16 pre-defined categories identified in the summary table below. Visitor suggestions for facility improvements should be placed into one of six facility categories. Suggestions for service improvements should be placed into one of seven service categories. Non-responses and miscellaneous comments offering no suggestions for improvements to facilities or services should be placed into one of three other categories.

Facility ImprovementsService ImprovementsOther Comments
Roads and Parking AreasBuilding and Cleanliness and Conveniences Miscellaneous Comment
Boat Ramps, Courtesy Docks, and Piers Grounds Maintenance Inappropriate comment
Buildings Used by VisitorsVisitor assistanceNo comment
Camping and Picnic SitesPark attendant or host 
Other facilitiesOther Services  
 Facility Repairs  

    Please observe the following rules so that all suggestions for facility and service improvements are classified in a consistent manner:

    • The response to this question should be categorized on every comment card entered into the database, even if no response was offered. There is a category available in the classification system applicable for non-responses.

    • Visitor suggestions can be explicit or implied. Classify implied suggestions as though they were stated explicitly

    • Utilize your knowledge of local circumstances and available remedies to appropriately classify each comment.

    • When more than one suggestion is provided on a comment card, classify the entire comment based on the suggestion you think is most important to address.

    • Some suggestions will be appropriate for more than one category. Once you decide where to place a particular suggestion, strive to classify similar suggestions you encounter later in the same category.

    Examples of actual comments that have been classified into these categories is available in a printable table.

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