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Tactical Communication Summary Banner

Program Summary

  • Visitor Assistance Program Summary

    1996 10 May 1996 recreation policy letter from MG Genega on Park Visitor/Ranger safety with the requirement to include 24- hours of personal protection/unarmed self-defense, situation evaluation and tactical communication training within two years of employment for all personnel performing visitor assistance duties.
    1997 The Verbal Judo training program was incorporated into the Corps' Visitor Assistance Training in order to provide Park Rangers the necessary "Tactical Communications" to perform their duties safer when encountering negative situations with the public.
    2012 Memorandum from Mike Ensch providing updated policy on a number of issues regarding the Visitor Assistance program as it pertains to visitor and park ranger safety. Included is a directive for training coordinators to place an increased emphasis on tactical communication.
    2000 Safe Self Exportable Training makes available to field personnel a CD-ROM based interactive training program to supplement visitor assistance training in situational analysis and tactical communication.
    2007 The Safe Self exportable training CD program is updated with new scenarios and features.
    2014 PROSPECT Visitor Assistance Defensive Tactics Instructors established a training relationship with Mr. Gary Klugiewicz, Director of Training, Verbal Defense & Influence, Vistelar Group, to maintain tactical communication skills first learned through Dr. George Thompson, Verbal Judo Institute. Expanded the Tactical Communications training to include the Verbal Defense & Influence training for the Visitor Assistance program.
    2016 In cooperation with Mr. Gary Klugiewicz, Director of Training, Verbal Defense & Influence, the first, Corps only, Verbal Defense & Influence "Train-the-Trainer" course was held at Lake Ouachita, Arkansas, certifying 32 new Corps Verbal Defense & Influence Instructors certified to provide the standardized Tactical Communications training to Park Rangers as part of the Visitor Assistance training program.

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