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Special Status Species Developing a Special Status Species List Banner

Developing a Special Status Species List

    "How do I develop a special status species list for my project?"

    First determine what species potentially occur:

    1. Request a screening list from the local USFWS office in your region for your project area

    2. Search for potential species using other existing federal and State sources of information.

    A special status species list for your project will include species that occur on the project that are:

    • Listed as threatened or endangered by USFWS and/or NOAA
    • Listed as federal Candidates, Proposed for listing, and Species of Concern, by USFWS and/or NOAA.
    • Listed as threatened or endangered by your State
    • Listed as sensitive by your State
    • Species listed in your State's Heritage Program as potentially endangered in the future

    For a list of federally protected plant, and animal species including marine and anadromous fish, and marine mammals that you can search by State or region:

    3. For information on the status of federal and State sensitive species, access your State Heritage Program, which often provides a list of all species in the State that have status. You can search for your State programs by State by clicking on Local Programs:

    The Natural Heritage Program in your State may also provide access to known occurrences of special status species on Corps' lands. Some State Heritage Programs provide information for free; others for a fee.

    "How do I find out more about the special status species on my list?"

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