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Special Status Species At a Glance Banner

At a Glance

    The Corps provides stewardship for nearly 12 million acres of rivers, lakes and adjacent lands in 43 states. Stewardship of Corps lands and waters requires habitat management for fish, plants, animals, and insects considered by federal and State agencies to be rare, threatened or endangered. Corps personnel work closely with federal and State agencies to manage and protect special status species.

    Corps NRM staffing for stewardship functions including special status species management requires a multi-disciplinary resource-based approach. Personnel having expertise in wildlife management, forestry, botany, fisheries management, zoology, biology, environmental studies, GIS, soils, interpretation, visitor assistance, and contract administration are often needed. Team members include Administrative, Park Ranger, Facility Management and Maintenance, and District, Division and Headquarters personnel. Close coordination with federal and State resource agencies is often essential to effective management of special status resources.

    By promoting conservation of diverse habitats, special status species management supports important Corps national environmental goals, including: restoring ecosystem health, conserving and improving habitats for plants, fish and wildlife, protecting and restoring rare, threatened, and endangered species, providing conservation and education, keeping our nation's waters clean; and achieving no overall net loss of wetlands.

    Value to the Nation

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