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Special Status Species Inventory Banner


    Inventories for all federally listed endangered and threatened species and species proposed for listing known to occur on project lands and waters will be completed. Inventories shall be kept current.

  • Requirements & Procedures - Baseline inventories will be completed for federally listed endangered, threatened and proposed species. Inventories shall be documented and annually updated in the OMP and in OMBIL.
  • Screening lists - A screening list of federal endangered and threatened species and proposed species that could occur on project lands and waters shall be obtained from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Lists shall also be obtained from the National Marine Fisheries Service regarding marine and anadromous species. Screening lists shall be updated on an annual basis.
  • Species Distribution - Historic distribution and habitat requirements of each species will be obtained from the screening lists. Information should be incorporated into Master Plans. Broad habitat types and habitat requisites for species known to occur should be included in Master Plan maps. Critical habitat should also be included in the maps. Observations of species in the field shall be documented in the annual OMP update.
  • Occurrence - Each species on screening lists shall be reviewed each year to determine if the species is known to occur on project lands and waters. The main objective of this effort is to determine which species occur on a regular seasonal basis. Based on the information received and field observations, species occurrence shall be documented.

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