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Ongoing/New Actions for FY09-FY12

  • Staffing Analysis
    Development of labor and staffing analysis to provide the capability to benchmark project staffing levels across the organization and evaluate relationships between staffing levels, project characteristics and program efficiency.

  • Fees/Revenues: (On-going)
    Concurrent actions and policy initiatives on fees and revenue.

  • Improving Efficiencies in Operation/Cost Savings: (On-going)
    Several actions related to documenting and rewarding cost savings & efficiencies

  • VERS Modernization: (FY 09 - On-going)
    System evaluation and modernization to create consistent visitation monitoring practices and reliable visitation data.

  • Recreation Self-Assessment On-Line Tool: (On-going)
    Update, refinement and simplification of the tool as well as integration of multi-business line work by NRM staff at all levels and programs and improved assessments of labor costs. Also will includes tool for managers to track progress.

  • National Recreation Communications Team (On-Going)
    Work with NRM teams to understand their communication efforts and the information they maintain on the gateway. Continue communication efforts according to the Communications Plan and participate in communications aspects of the development and execution of the Recreation Strategic Plan as required.

  • Partnerships: (On-going)
    Continue to expand the use of partnerships, where appropriate, for improving efficiencies, effectiveness of operations, meeting public demands and enhancing relationships.

  • Recreation Leases (Outgrants): (FY 10)
    Broaden understanding of outgrants and work with Real Estate to develop standard business practices to guide uses of outgrant authorities. Develop mechanisms to recognize on-going costs of managing recreation and shoreline permits/leases. And explore authorities for cooperative management (See Partnerships)

  • Facilities Review and Analysis: (FY 11)
    Ensure personnel understand the relevance of periodic evaluations in regards to asset management and budget review. Divisions/Districts share documentation and procedures of their evaluation/analysis for use by other Divisions/Districts in developing their own procedures. EM 1110-1-400, Chapter 7,3,3 requires that a PDT consisting of division, district and onsite personnel conduct periodic evaluations of each project's recreation program operational efficiency every five years. The facilities review and analysis covers issues related to minimum level of service (MLS). Currently MLS are determined locally at projects.

  • Shoreline Management: (FY 10)
    Integrate shoreline management into recreation management and planning. Complete Shoreline Management Fee Study in FY 10 to consider studies, regulations, laws, and policies; shoreline management data at field sites; and shoreline management plans. Conduct analysis to determine administrative costs of shoreline permits and recommend methods, policies, business practices and fee structure for recovering those costs.

  • Park Ranger CoP: (On-going)
    The Park Ranger CoP Board has been chartered to serve as a cross-functional team of advisors with the goal of providing an ongoing support platform for the USACE Park Ranger Program. The CoP’s key objectives are related to conducting a comprehensive survey, communication of the role of Park Rangers within the Corps, support of the Communication Team’s efforts and developing guidance for succession and retention planning for Park Rangers.
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