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Bird Initiative Policy & Procedures

Policy & Procedures

    Engineer Pamphlets

    • EP 1130-2-540, dated 15 November 1996 revised 11 August 2008
      Project Operations - Environmental Stewardship Operations and Maintenance Policies
        This pamphlet establishes guidance for the management of environmental stewardship related operations and maintenance activities at USACE civil works water resource projects and supplements ER 1130-2-540, "Environmental Stewardship Operations and Maintenance Policies."

    • EP 1165-2-316 (Title 36)
      Rules and Regulations Governing Public Use of Corps of Engineers Water Resource Development Projects
        This pamphlet governs the public use of water resources development projects administered by the Chief of Engineers

    Engineer Regulations

    • ER 1105-2-100, dated April 2000 revised 31 January 2007
      Planning Guidance Notebook
        This regulation provides the overall direction by which Corps of Engineers Civil Works projects are formulated, evaluated, and selected for implementation. It contains a description of the Corps of Engineers planning process, Corps of Engineers missions and programs, specific policies applicable to each mission and program, and analytical requirements. Its fundamental purpose is to describe the planning process in a straightforward, plain-language manner.

    • ER 1130-2-540
      • Chapter 2, Natural Resources Stewardship
        This chapter establishes the policy for the administration and management of natural resources activities at USACE civil works water resource projects, including Level 1 and Level 2 natural resources inventories.

    Public Law Regulation

    • 703-712, Migratory Bird Treaty Act
      The Migratory Bird Treaty Act makes it illegal for anyone to take, possess, import, export, transport, sell, purchase, barter, or offer for sale, purchase, or barter, any migratory bird, or the parts, nests, or eggs of such a bird except under the terms of a valid permit issued pursuant to Federal regulations. In accordance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Federal agencies are responsible for protecting migratory birds.

    Executive Orders

    • E.O. 13186, Responsibilities of Federal Agencies to Protect Migratory Birds

    Policy Memos


    Other Policy

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