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ERDC’s Aquatic Plant Management Team - Research Overview

Bradley Sartain, Ph.D. Research Biologist ERDC
20 April 2022

    The Aquatic Plant Management Team (APMT) at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) has the mission to provide cost-reimbursable research services for the development, evaluation, registration, and field guidance for environmentally compatible use of techniques to selectively manage invasive vegetation in public waters and wetlands. This mission is accomplished through an in-house team of experienced aquatic plant management scientists. Our primary R&D focus areas include chemical and biological control of invasive aquatic plants and the linkage of control techniques to phenology and invasion biology information to improve management efforts. Based on the results of the work, technical guidance is provided to the appropriate agency customers and the general public. This technology transfer process is accomplished through peer-reviewed scientific articles, technical reports, field guides, professional conferences, briefings, and webinars. Our sponsors and collaborators include CE civil direct allotted programs; CE Districts; Federal, state, and local agencies; universities; NGOs; and international organizations. This presentation offers a general overview of the ERDC APMT and provides examples of ongoing APMT research efforts.

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