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Learning Exchange

Learning Exchange is the Gateway site for Distance Learning and Communication Engagement delivered over a Web Meeting format using CISCO Webex. This resource is intended for program leaders, speakers, and participants to connect to the contents and to exchange knowledge by means of electronic technology.

Web Meeting is a live and interactive meeting using a combination of teleconference and data-sharing through the internet. It is designed to facilitate people from remote locations to “get together online” in a workshop, conference, or group meeting without the hassle of traveling.

The presenter of a web meeting has the capacity to share with the attendees practically any format of document, such as slides, graphs, spreadsheet, and desktop applications. The presenter can also use application sharing to go over a document and make modification on the spot.

Attendance in a web meeting can either be established as one person per line or as a group of people in a classroom set up environment, using a large screen, per line. Each setup will require management and protocols just like any conference call.

Within the Corps community, Web Meeting has been used since back in 2002. With the rising cost of travel, it has served as an ideal tool of communication within the Corps offices and fields nationwide. It is an efficient way to promote learning and skill development.

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