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Ethnic Diversity and Corps Recreation Participation Good Enough to Share Banner

Good Enough to Share

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  • If you have a Good Enough to Share submission, please email it to

    Professional Development Support Training Center
    The Professional Development Support Training Center offers course number 900 "Native American Environmental/Cultural Resources Training". POC: Betty Batts, HNC-PDSC.

    Still Developing the Toolbox: Making EE Relevant for Culturally Diverse Groups

    American Indian cultural competency training
    Walla Walla District conducts periodic workshops in which Corps employees camp out in teepees with Indian tribes to exchange viewpoints on natural and cultural resources, the Environmental Operating Principles, and each other. If you are interested in attending a session, please contact Diane Karnish, Walla Walla District.

    Primary POC:
    Diane E. Karnish
    Chief, Plan Formulation
    Walla Walla District
    201 N. Third Street
    Walla Walla, WA 99362
    (509) 527-7239
    fax (509) 527-7825

    Alternate POC: Jim Waddell - helped develop the program and can provide additional information

    Resources: Diane can provide a CD that describes the program titled "Fires of Understanding" and register people for the workshop.

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