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Management Tools

    Some Corps projects already have specific software for timber cruising, volume tables, etc. The following software links are provided for information purposes, but are free for use by projects without existing software programs. These links are a service of the Forest Management Service Center, USDA Forest Service.

    Cruising – Measurement of forest stands to determine specific characteristics such as age, trees per acre, tree sizes, quality, products, and volume.

    Scaling – Determines the volume by product or species that will be charged at a specific rate. Individual logs can be scaled or more commonly scaling is done by weight.

    Local Volume Table – Creates a volume table based on cruise information; tables are based on dbh and species.

    Timber Theft Estimator – Estimates volume based on species and stump diameters; useful for estimating volume of timber removed in timber theft cases.

    Additional forest inventory software is available from Sale of Government-Owned Forest Products

  • Minor Forest Products
  • Sample Technical Provisions (TP)
    • Cruising TP - Modifications will be required depending on objectives, tree species, and differences in forest product classes (i.e., size classes vary regionally)
    • Herbicide TP - Modfications may be required to herbicide type, rates, and timing depending on objectives, soil conditions, and species to be controlled.
    • Planting TP - Modifications may be required based on spacing, seedling selection criteria, and objectives.
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