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Recreation Facilities Standards Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

  • Timeline
    1999 Revitalization of US Army Corps of Engineers managed recreation areas was identified as a priority by the Chief of Engineers. This initiative later became known as the Recreation Area Modernization Program (RAMP).
    2000 HQ established a Recreation Facilities Standards to develop a commonly applied set of recreation facility design standards and levels of service for the modernization of Corps recreation areas.
    January 2000 A task force chaired by Mike Miller, Chief of Operations, Little Rock District was composed of NRM team members who collectively represented a wealth of field-level experience in Corps recreation facilities and services management. This group was charged to assist the NRM Branch in the development of recreation facility and services standards. The objective was to develop recreation facility standards to be applied to new construction or areas that were being rehabilitated no matter how large or small. Another task was to develop customer service standards that would focus on our customers, establish a baseline of current customer satisfaction and be a means to track trends over time. That information can then be used to develop plans and budgets for the modernization of recreation areas.
    August 2000 Data call for existing Recreation Facility Design
    April 2001 The Recreation Facilities Standards completes the draft standards document: "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards." It is intended to supercede EM 1110-1-400, dated 31 July 1987 "Engineering and Design - Recreation Planning and Design Criteria." Graphics are not yet included due to lack of funding for their completion, but the text portion of this document is posted on the NRM Gateway for nationwide review. The official comment period for this April 2001 draft version extends through 15 July 2001.
    August 2001 The Task Force begins incorporating into the draft document the comments received from the nationwide review, as well as including drawings and photos to illustrate proposed facility standards.
    2003 The target date for the final draft of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards. When finalized, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards will be applied to any new construction or major rehabilitation of Corps facilities.
    August 2004 The task force met on August 6, 2004 for one last time. This last meeting occurred at the Corps HQ in Washington D.C. with its purpose to brief Mike White, Chief, Operations Directorate of Civil Works.
    November 2004 The Recreation and Facility and Customer Service Standards has been approved and made official.

  • Correspondence
    Date Issuing Office Correspondence Type Subject
    4 August 2000 CECW-ON/
    Memorandum Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards, EM 1110-1-400
    4 August 2000 CECW-ON/
    Memorandum Standard Recreation Facility and Area Designs
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