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Recreation Facilities Standards Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. What form does the new guidance on design standards take?
    A. The Recreation Facilities and Customer Service Standards replaces EM 1110-1-400 dated 31 July 1987. It also complements (but doesn't supercede) EM 1110-2-410, dated 31 December 1982, "Design of Recreation Areas and Facilities - Access and Circulation."

    Q. What facilities do the new standards apply to?
    A. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards guide both the development of new recreation areas and rehabilitation of older recreation facilities at U. S. Army Corps of Engineers projects. This manual is applicable to all field operating activities responsible for the evaluation, design, construction, renovation, rehabilitation, management, and administration of all new and/or existing recreation developments on Government lands.

    Q. How detailed are the design standards going to be?
    A. The facility design standards criterion is intended to serve primarily as a conceptual design document used by operations personnel when developing public facilities. Although some guidelines and standards in the manual are quite detailed, and general drawings are included, this document is not intended to circumvent the preparation of detailed final design plans for architectural/engineering features in accordance with applicable engineering or technical manuals and design standards.

    Q. When will the new standards become effective?
    A. The new standards are effective 1 November 2004.

    Q. How much leeway do local managers have in modifying designs?
    A. Local managers will be able to make or recommend design modifications to meet on-the-ground conditions. It is recognized that circumstances may exist where application of certain required design standards may not be practical. There are three levels of guidelines: Required, Recommended, and optional. Design options that are lesser than "required" may be used with approval from the District Chief of Operations. The philosophy of the use of "recommended" which indicate features that should be included if possible and "optional" which indicate features that may be included for customer convenience.

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