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Customer Discussion Guides Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    January 2000 HQ established a Recreation Facilities Standards Task Force to develop a commonly applied set of recreation facility design standards and levels of service for the modernization of Corps recreation areas. One of the Task Force initiatives was to conduct public outreach regarding modernization.
    June 2000 A Customer Discussion Guide was developed by the Task Force to accomplish public outreach. Projects that were designated to receive modernization funds in FY2001 were requested to conduct a series of interviews with visitors using the Customer Discussion Guide.
    August 2004 A second guide was developed to gather input on water-based recreation at Corps lakes and pilot tested by the lakes in Green River Project, KY during the revision of their shoreline management plans.
    November 2004 The Customer Discussion Guide was included as a customer service tool in EM 1110-1-400, Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards, dated 1 November 2004.
    September 2005 On-line submission and report capability for Customer Discussion Guides added to the NRM Gateway website

    Date Issuing Office Correspondence Type Subject
    23 June 2000 ERDC Email Visitor interviews at areas scheduled for modernization in FY01

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