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CATT Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    R1S Coach, Assist, and Train Teams (CATTs) are regional trouble-shooting teams, comprised of specially trained field personnel, with the mission of providing support to field locations utilizing Campground Management software for Recreation one Stop, R1S operations on issues that are not contractually required for support by Reservation Service.

    Organizational Structure
    R1S CATTs are staffed by specially trained field personnel that were nominated by District POC's and Regional Coordinators, with nominee and supervisory approval. Members possess above-average skills and knowledge in the areas of computer hardware, operating systems, and recreation area management. Additionally members have advanced knowledge of Reservation Service software and R1S operations. The final selection of nominees was made by the R1S Management Team. Members serve a minimum 2-year term with options to extend. CATTs personnel remain at their duty station and perform their normal functions when not attending training sessions or traveling for field support purposes.

    R1S CATTs were developed and staffed based upon regional needs associated with field operations of the R1S. Staffing levels were based upon R1S support requirements of the region being supported by each team and by volunteer participation.

    R1S CATTs do not replace the existing R1S Help Desk, which is a contractual requirement for Reservation Service, but do provide supplemental support to field locations in areas such as computer hardware, configurations, communications, associated software, security, policy, and operating systems.

    Regional Organization and Staffing
    R1S CATTs are deployed by Division, but support is limited by Division or District lines. Each Division team has a designated team leader. The team leaders have the responsibility of coordinating support activities and communications for their teams. Additionally team leaders will coordinate support from Information Management and Services offices when appropriate.

    One member of R1S CATTs is designated as the team coordinator. The team coordinator will have the responsibility of coordinating support activities and communications between team leaders. Additionally, the team coordinator will serve as the primary point of contact between CATTs, the R1S Management Team, and Reservation Service.

    Prior to initiating the field support function, personnel selected for CATTs received advanced training sponsored by the R1S with support from the Reservation Service. Team members received 28 hours of training in the following areas:

    • Agency Policy and R1S Policy
    • Operating Procedure Manual
    • Training of Contract Recreation Fee Collectors
    • Financial Reports / Financial Tracking
    • Introduction to the Reservation Service Help Desk and Its Functions
    • Hardware Identification and Trouble-Shooting
    • Hardware Trouble-Shooting and Upgrades
    • Telecommunications
    • Telecommunication / System Security
    • Recreation Area and Campground Management

    Support Services
    R1S CATTs provide a variety of support services to field locations that utilize Campground Management software. These support services are limited to those that are not contractual requirements of Recreation one Stop, R1S. Services include support for Windows operating systems and computer hardware issues. Additionally, team members will provide support and presentations for the annual R1S Regional Training Sessions.

    Training for team members was provided by the R1S. Funding for travel and per diem for field support activities will be provided by the field location receiving the support action.

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