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Instructions - Bald Eagle Midwinter Survey - Standard Survey Routes (Ssrs)

    Each SSR should be surveyed on a single day. Different SSRs can be conducted on different days within the count period. SSRs should cover the same area (e.g., length or river or amount of shoreline) each year. Otherwise counts should be classified as incomplete. Most surveys should have the same starting and end points each year, but it is acceptable to do surveys in reverse order.

    If possible, each SSR should be conducted using the same technique (i.e., aerial, vehicle, boat, etc.) each year. The number of observers should be similar each year (if possible have the same individuals conduct each survey).

    Do not split or shorten an existing SSR because it makes trend analyses difficult if not impossible. If an existing route is extended, eagles seen on the additional portion should not be recorded on the SSR survey form. The additional area can be treated as a new, separate route, in which case an additional survey form should be filled out. We can add new SSRs as long as they are clearly defined, but keep in mind we need at least 4 years of data before an SSR contributes to the trend analysis. A blank form is available in PDF form from this web site in case you wish to add one or more survey routes.

    Please use pre-printed forms for all standard surveys that have been consistently surveyed in multiple years. This makes data entry more accurate and efficient. State coordinators can generate their own pre-printed forms by modifying the year on the electronic copies of pre-printed forms we sent them in earlier years. We can e-mail new sets of pre-printed forms to state coordinators who request them. We will not pre-print forms for SSRs where eagles have never been observed. These SSRs do not provide meaningful information for the trend analysis. It is your choice whether or not you want to continue with them.

    It is important to indicate on the SSR form whether the survey was complete (i.e. covered the same area as in past years) and what method was used.

    Fill out one completed form for each standard survey route. If a SSR is surveyed by more than one survey team, please consolidate findings on a single form.

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