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Park Ranger History Banner

Park Rangers: A USACE Legacy

    In addition to the online version of the Park Ranger historical timeline, you can now download a copy of Park Rangers: A USACE Legacy. This timeline was created by members of the Park Ranger Cop with the help of the National Water Safety Program Manager and National Water Safety Visual Information Specialist. The timeline can be used as a large scale display at project offices, district offices, and division offices. The display is meant to be printed at 96inx36in (8ftx3ft). If you choose to display the timeline at your location or if you currently have a display honoring Park Rangers, please share those with Aurora Scott and Tennille Hammonds.

    PRINTING NOTES: Park Rangers: A USACE Legacy is a very large, high resolution file so it will print faster if you first copy it to your hard drive and print it from there. It will take longer if printing from a LAN folder or an email.

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