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Park Ranger History Banner

Submit to Park Ranger History

    Various types of submissions can be made to the Park Ranger history page. See the sections below to determine what category your item falls under.

    USACE Park Ranger History, General
    If you would like to submit a photo relating to general USACE Park Ranger history, send an email to and with the photo attached and a brief description of the photo including the date and location. If you have an item you would like to retain, but want to share its existence with others on the Gateway for the sake of history, you may take a photo of that item and email it with a description and details of its significance.

    USACE Park Ranger History, Lake Specific
    If you would like to preserve the park ranger history of a specific lake, send an email to,, and with the photo attached and a brief description of the photo including the date and location. These will be added to individual lake photo albums on

    Other Items of Historical Significance
    If you have physical items that you would like to submit, please send a photo of the item to and with a detailed description. The item will be evaluated and ....

    Other Types of Media
    Perhaps you have daily ranger logs from long ago. Maybe you have recorded interviews with retiring park rangers that may tell the history of the park ranger role in your area. This type of media can be submitted as well. Email and with a description.

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