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Operation Warfighter Program

    Operation Warfighter (OWF) is a Federal internship program for wounded, ill, and injured (WII) Service members. OWF places WII Service members in supportive work settings that positively impact their rehabilitation. Operation Warfighter represents an opportunity for Service members to augment their employment readiness by building their resumes, exploring employment interests, obtaining formal and on-the-job training, and gaining valuable Federal government work experience that will help prepare them for the future.

    The OWF model is based on a win-win proposition for both WII Service members and Federal employers.

    1. OWF demonstrates to the Service member that the skills obtained in the military are transferable to civilian employment. For those Service members returning to duty, it offers the opportunity for additional training and experience that can benefit the military.
    2. OWF allows Federal employers to better familiarize themselves with the skill sets and capabilities of Service members.

    How OWF Works
    The first step in the OWF process is to obtain "medical clearance" from a Service member's chain of command to certify that they are ready and able to participate in OWF. Once a Service member is determined to be medically ready to participate, the local OWF Coordinator will work with the Service member to identify and secure an opportunity that will be a good fit with their interests and capabilities. After a placement is confirmed, the OWF Coordinator works with both the Service member and the employer to obtain needed security clearances, workplace accommodations and/or transportation assistance. The OWF Coordinator, along with the Service member's recovery care team, stays in contact with the Service member and the employer throughout the placement to ensure that there is no impact to the Service member's medical profile and that the placement has no negative impact. At the completion of a placement, an exit interview is conducted with both the employer and the Service member to gather information on how OWF can be improved and adapted to meet the evolving needs of Service members. Throughout the entire process the OWF Coordinator works with the Service member to connect them to related educational and employment programs depending on the Service member interests." Success Stories

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