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Grants and Funding Available to the Corps

    Grants that the Corps can directly apply for:

  • US Forest Service Forest Pest Suppression program - provides 100% free funding to Corps projects from the USFS if experiencing problems such as gypsy moths, oak wilt, southern pine beetles, etc. Proposals that are focused on suppression or eradication have a higher chance of getting funded. The range of typical proposals that are funded is $1,000 to $40,000.

  • Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Partnership – a national partnership established to promote and facilitate the conservation of habitat for fish and other aquatic species in reservoir systems through collaborative actions that contribute to the ecological health and function of reservoirs and their associated waters and watersheds, the restoration, protection and enhancement of fish and other aquatic species and communities, the sustainability and enhancement of reservoir fisheries, public awareness of the conservation issues and challenges facing reservoir and associated waters and watershed management in the 21st Century, or the quality of life of the American people
    • Click here for a list of RFHP grants received by Corps Projects
    • Eligible applicants include state and federal government agencies, non-governmental organizations (e.g., community associations, watershed user groups, cooperatives, civic groups), municipalities, universities, schools, state and tribal governments. Click here to view the FY24 request for proposals webpage.

  • US DOT Federal Highway Administration FAST ACT - The Federal Lands Transportation Program provides funding through a competitive process for projects that improve access within the Federal estate on infrastructure owned by the Federal Government. The Federal Lands Access Program provides funding through a competitive process for projects that improve access to the Federal estate on infrastructure owned by State and local governments. Each State’s programming decisions are made by a committee, and there is a requirement for local match. (80% of these funds are allocated to the Western states)
    • Click here for a list of Federal Highways grants received by Corps projects

  • State Fishing, Boating and Waterways Grants- (Note: Some states may require a 3rd party to apply for the grants. Check your state website for details)

    Grants that require a third party to apply for:

  • National list of Grant Makers provided by the Corps Foundation, February 2013

  • Boat US Foundation Grassroots Grants - The BoatUS Foundation Grassrooots Grants Program provides grants of up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations, boating clubs and student groups for projects that promote safe and/or clean boating. (Must be applied for by a non-profit friends group/cooperating association or other 501(c)(3) organization. Grants are not awarded to government agencies.)

  • Bogs 2% for Outdoor Education grants - The Bogs 2% for Outdoor Education Grant program will award grants and in-kind donations to non-profit organizations working to connect kids, of all backgrounds, to innovative and impactful outdoor education experiences. Projects should engage underserved/low-income youth and encourage those youth to grow and learn outdoors throughout their lives. Awarded organizations should be able to demonstrate how the outdoors acts as the perfect classroom to learn, play and enjoy being a kid. The goal of this program is to provide resources and dollars to remove barriers, so all kids can have access to outdoor education opportunities. Non-profit organizations will be awarded $5,000 for requests that work towards connecting young people to outdoor education experiences. Non-profit organizations also have the chance to request an in-kind donation from Bogs Footwear.

  • Bass Pro Grants - To promote conservation and hunting, fishing, camping, boating and other outdoor sporting and recreational activities. The Fund intends to focus its efforts in the following areas: advocacy programs related to the responsible ownership and use of firearms, conservation programs and youth activities and programs.”

  • EPA Environmental Education (EE) Grants - Under the Environmental Education Grants Program, EPA seeks grant proposals from eligible applicants to support environmental education projects that promote environmental awareness and stewardship and help provide people with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment. This grant program provides financial support for projects that design, demonstrate, and/or disseminate environmental education practices, methods, or techniques. Since 1992, EPA has distributed between $2 and $3.5 million in grant funding per year, supporting more than 3,700 grants. Eligible applicants include: local education agency, state education or environmental agency, college or university, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization , noncommercial educational broadcasting entity, or tribal education agency.

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grants: NFWF provides funding on a competitive basis to projects that sustain, restore, and enhance our nation's fish, wildlife, and plants and their habitats. Each of their initiatives has a business plan developed by scientists and other experts and approved by their Board of Directors. Grants are available to support the actions identified in the business plan. Additional grant programs support diverse projects for wildlife and habitat conservation across the country.

  • NEEF Every Day $5,000 Grants- NEEF’s Every Day Grants will strengthen the stewardship of public lands by strengthening Friends Groups through funding for organizational capacity building. If a Friend Group can better engage the public, it can attract more volunteers which creates a larger base of individuals to ask for support. If it can gain more support, it can do more volunteer events. Twenty (20) Every Day Grants of up to $5,000 each will be awarded to those groups who make the best case for how the funds will build their capacity to better serve the lands they love. (Must be applied for by a friends group/cooperating association)
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