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Grants/Alternative Funding Sources Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Grants/Alternative Funding Sources - Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. What authorities allow the Corps to accept grant funding?
    A. 33 USC 2325 & 2328 authorizes the Corps to accept contributions "in connection with carrying out a water resources project for environmental protection and restoration or a water resources project for recreation". ER 1130-2-500 and the Corps "Contributions, Fundraising and Recognitions" Reference Guide describe the process and ability to accept money from outside sources.

    Q. Are grants considered an "augmentation of appropriation?"
    A. No, they are not. The Corps can apply for State, local, and private grants if such action does not involve lobbying Congress, the funds will be used for an authorized mission, and the acceptance is consistent with appropriation law.

    Q. Where can I find information about the Federal Highway Administration's Federal Lands Access Program funding?
    A. Click here for FAQ sheets and an informational webinar

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