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VERS (Visitor Estimating Reporting System) Banner

VERS 101 for Field Personnel

    What is VERS: Visitation Estimation & Reporting System
  • Gateway VERS Site:
  • VERS Reporting Site:

    Why we collect visitation data:
    Annual visitation reports are prepared for the U.S. Congress and for the Office of Management and Budget. ER 1130-2-550 and EP 1130-2-550, Chapter 13, Recreational Use Surveys, requires the use of recreation use surveys for visitation reporting. These regulations are currently being updated.

    Visitor Estimation and Reporting System (VERS) is the Corps approved protocol for measuring visitor use at water resource development projects providing outdoor recreation opportunities. All projects are required to report their monthly visitation.

    Monthly Field Level Responsibilities

  • Read meters by 5th of each month. Make sure to take any additional supplies you may need such as batteries, dessicant packs, or an extra meter.
  • Ensure meters are in working condition.
  • Enter monthly meter readings in by 15 using the VERS reporting site listed above. If you dont know password, contact Lake Manager or District VERS POC.
  • Make notes in the comment area if you had closures, meter issues, or if you may have had unusually high readings due to a special event in the area.
  • Review all monthly meter readings for accuracy.

    Annual Field Level Responsibilities

  • Note that Physical Meter Testing and Manage Monitoring Method (Annual Review) may have different due dates, but typically occur between October and December.
  • Physical Meter Testing entry on VERS reporting site. Refer to pages 28-32 in 2019 VERS Modernization Guidebook located on the Gateway VERS site for types of information you will be required to input for physical meter testing.
  • Manage Monitoring Method (Annual Review) entry on VERS reporting site. Refer to pages 19-28 in 2019 VERS Modernization Guidebook located on the Gateway VERS site for types of information you will be required to review. If changes are necessary they must be sent to the District VERS POC to update. PSA subtype information, facility number updates cannot be updated through the VERS program. This information is inputted from the Recreation PSA Module as part of the NRM Assessment Tool. Due dates for Recreation PSA Module are often months earlier than VERS annual updates/reviews. It is important to communicate with the person entering Recreation PSA data to ensure all information is accurate.

    QA/QC of Monthly and Final Visitation Entries.
    If there are entries that need to be corrected, email corrections to District VERS POC.

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