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  • Fundamentals for Army Corps Executives (FACES)  Corps Castle
      A free, online, on demand training course. Modules include: Incisive Meetings, Group Dynamics, Conflict, Collaborative Problem Solving, Inciting Innovation, Human Dimensions, and Facilitation for Executives. The modules are designed for completion in 20-45 minute segments and may be completed in non-contiguous settings. he CAC-enabled training and a 60-second overview video describing it, are available.

  • Fundamentals of Facilitation and Conflict Resolution Initial Training Completed
      A total of 158 individuals (153 in USACE) completed the training in 2012-2013. They represented HQUSACE, HECSA, IWR, 8 Divisions (LRD, MVD, NAD, NWD, POD, SAD, SPD, SWD), 27 Districts (LRB, LRC, LRH, LRL, LRN, MVK, MVP, MVR, MVS, NAE, NWK, NWO, NWP, NWS, SAC, SAJ, SAM, SAS, SAW, SPA, SPK, SPL, SPN, SWF, SWG, SWL, SWT), 8 ERDC Labs/Offices (CERL, CHL, EL, GSL, ITL, ERDC Command Staff offices and HQ R&D office), DOD (Office of General Counsel and Cyber Command), Environmental Protection Agency, the National Park Service, and the US Forest Service. Although the initial classes focused primarily on CW representatives, a military officer and a representative of Military Programs were invited to attend the DC area class for possible application to that directorate. They also represented numerous disciplines and communities of practice to include: Contracting, Counsel, Emergency Management, Engineering, Human Resources, Internal Review, Logistics, Operations (office and field sites), Planning, Project Management, Public Affairs, Real Estate, Regional Business Offices, Regulatory Functions, Resource Management, and Research & Development. Next steps include determining additional unmet training needs across the Corps, developing an Executive session for senior staff, and managing the Facilitators Exchange with a quarterly newsletter and a web meeting learning exchange.

  • Ingrid Bens online training

  • International Association of Facilitation

    Various types of training

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