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Recreation Leadership Advisory Team Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    The Recreation Management Support Program (RMSP) is a predecessor of the Recreation Research Program, which was abolished in FY98. The Recreation Research Program was begun in 1976 and was funded and managed through the Civil Works Directorate of Research and Development. In contrast, the new RMSP is funded through the O&M General Appropriation and funds are managed through the Chief, Natural Resources Management Branch in Headquarters. RMSP is designed to provide research and technical support to Headquarters and field offices. It has oversight of the technical aspects of research and development and provides support to other functions of recreation resources at Corps water resources projects.

    An 18 member Recreation Leadership Advisory Team (Team) shall be established to provide oversight of the RMSP. Voting members of the Team consist of representatives from District (four rotating representatives), Project Offices (four rotating representatives) and all CE Divisions (eight permanent representatives). Rotating Team members serve 4-year terms. Two non-voting members (the program manager and the project manager) will represent HQUSACE and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). The Team evaluates all proposals for funding within the RMSP and recommends funding priorities to HQUSACE (CECW-ON). The Team meets semiannually during each fiscal year, typically during the months of October and April. HQUSACE and ERDC will participate in all team meetings.

  • Mr. Scott Jackson served as Project Manager from 1995-2014
  • Ms. Kathleen Perales served as Project Manager from 2014-2015
  • Dr. Wen Chang served as Project Manager from 2015-2022

    After the fall meeting each year, nominations of qualified individuals are sought from each Division by Headquarters. Individuals interested in becoming a member should:

    • Review the terms of office of the current rotating positions.
    • Contact current members for information on the team.
    • Notify their supervisor of their interest.

    Primary responsibilities of the team include:

    • Provide recreation input to policy and management studies, provide management assistance, and information exchange.
    • Review status of ongoing RMSP studies and activities and establish priorities
    • Review funding status of each activity.
    • Volunteer to become a "Proponent" for a high-priority issue and prepare a "Statement of Need" for a proposed study plan.
    • Provide input into the strategic planning vision.
    • Provide recommendations on national priorities for the Corps recreation program.
    • Serve on an ad hoc advisory body to HQUSACE on issues of national significance.
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