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Recreation Leadership Advisory Team (RLAT) Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. How do I become a member?
    A. Initially, let your supervisor know of your interest to become a team member. Each year nominations are received from the Divisions for replacement of members who have completed their tenure. This nomination process takes place prior to the fall RMSP meeting, which is normally held in October.

    Q. How long are the terms?
    A. Four years.

    Q. What are the duties?
    A. As a member of the RLAT, you would be required to meet twice yearly at different locations and participate in the strategic planning, presentation of new issues and initiatives in recreation, and review proposals and ongoing work in management studies, management assistance, and information exchange provided by the RMSP.

    Q. Who pays my per diem and salary while performing these duties?
    A. Your project or District would be required to provide all funding.

    Q. How will I benefit?
    A. Membership on this team allows interaction at all levels from Headquarters to the Project level. Perspective is gained on national issues and it puts you on the cutting edge of the recreation program.

    Q. How can I submit an idea to the group?
    A. Watch the Website for posting of meeting times. Allow a little lead time prior to the meeting and submit issues and initiatives to your supervisor with a request to forward to your District Recreation POC. They would then forward to the appropriate Division Team Member who will bring it to the meeting and present it to the group. Review the Team Members page; you may have someone from your District on the team.

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