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RecSTATUS Annual Recreation Business Line Report

RecStatus Annual Business Line Report is an annual business line report available to the Corps-only audience. RecStatus was developed without a data call by pulling information from existing sources, including OMBIL, NRRS, and RecBEST.

RecStatus features include:

  • Consistent presentation of project information
  • Stand alone report
  • Easy one-click access point for detailed information on various items (addition of item drill-ins is on-going)
  • Benchmarking tool for managers
  • Project values relative to others
  • % change from previous year’s information
  • Back-check for OMBIL and other data sources
  • District, Division and National views (to be added in the future)

The RecSTATUS Annual Recreation Business Line reports compile data from various data sources to present a Balanced Scorecard and national comparisons on key factors. Due to Recreation Area PSA changes in 2011 as part of VERS modernization, many database realignment issues must be resolved. The RecSTATUS site will be updated with FY 2012 and later reports once the databases are realigned for the purpose of these reports.

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