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Recreation Program Overview CD

    "There's a Lake Near You" provides a narrated overview of the Corps national Recreation Program based on the Value to the Nation information. Available in both a long (9 minute) and a short (3 minute) format, the Flash presentations may be used to educate Corps personnel about the Recreation Program, as well as educating the general public (civic groups, Friends of the Lake, etc.). Select the "looping" version of the files if you want a repeating format for continuous operation such as at an exhibit, or the "unlooped" version , for a single play.

    Continous Play Versions

  • 3 minute version (14.7 MB)
  • 9 minute version (29.0 MB)

    Single Play Versions

  • 3 minute version (14.7 MB)
  • 9 minute version (29.0 MB)
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