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Recreation Area Modernization Program (RAMP) Summary Banner

Program Summary

    Pre-1960's Construction of 40% of the Corps' 456 water resources development projects nationwide that provide outdoor recreation opportunities to the public.
    1960's & 1970's Recreation facilities at 50% of Corps' projects nationwide were first opened to the public.
    1980's Only 8% of the projects had recreation areas coming on line for the first time in the 1980s.
    1990 - 1998 New recreation area openings dropped to 1% during the period 1990-1998.
    1999 Revitalization of US Army Corps of Engineers managed recreation areas was identified as a priority by the Chief of Engineers. This initiative later became known as the Recreation Area Modernization Program (RAMP).
    2000 HQ established a Recreation Facilities Standards Task Force to develop a commonly applied set of recreation facility design standards and levels of service for the modernization of Corps recreation areas.
    2001 A Fact Sheet is developed explaining the RAMP initiative.
    April 2001 The Recreation Facilities Standards Task Force completes the the first draft of the standards document: "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards." This document is posted on the NRM Gateway for nationwide review. It is intended to supercede EM 1110-1-400, dated 31 July 1987 "Engineering and Design - Recreation Planning and Design Criteria."
    2002 The target date for the final draft of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards. When finalized, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Recreation Facility and Customer Service Standards will be applied to any new construction or major rehabilitation of Corps facilities.
    August 2004 The Recreation Facilities Standards Task Force meets in Corps HQ in Washington, DC to brief Mike White, Chief, Operations Directorate of Civil Works on the final draft of the Recreation Facility and Customer Services Standards, EM 1110-1-400.
    November 2004 The Recreation Facility and Customer Services Standards, EM 1110-1-400 are approved.
    2004 For FY05, six (6) lakes were selected to receive modernization funds.
    July 2005 First organizational meeting of the Recreation Program Performance Improvement Initiative (RPPII) PDT. Recreation modernization is one component of this initiative.
    May 2006 Recreation Modernization PDT is formed.

  • Correspondence
    Date Issuing Office Correspondence Type Subject
    23 August 1999 CECW-O/
    Memorandum The Modernization of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Managed Recreation Areas
    4 August 2000 CECW-ON/
    Memorandum Standard Recreation Facility and Area Designs
    10 August 2000 CECW-ON Memorandum National Review and Ranking of FY 2002 Recreation Area Modernization Program(RAMP) Proposals
    3 November 2005 CECW-CO Memorandum Report of Recreation Modernization Activities – FY 2005

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