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Performance Measures

DISCLAIMER: This page contains archived information of a program and/or policy that has been superseded or is currently inactive. It is posted for reference only. You may experience broken links since we do not maintain hyperlinks on archived pages.

Gathering, arranging and manipulating data are powerful tools for managers, but the question of what to gather when and how may be perplexing. For best results, it is important to measure what matters. - What information tells us if we are achieving our NRM and corporate Corps program goals and objectives (intended outcomes) and allows us to continuously improve? Commonly measured items include: customer satisfaction, financial performance, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, environmental health, and safety. Effective performance measurement (measuring the right things versus counting easy things) can lead to performance management - using those measures to guide daily operations and to make strategic improvements. These pages will provide an overview of performance measurement and some useful tools to guide you.

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