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Pepper Spray Summary Banner

Program Summary

    1994 SWD and SAD Ranger Safety Study
    1995 Nationwide HQ Ranger Safety Study
    1996 10 May 1996 recreation policy letter from MG Genega on Park Visitor/Ranger safety with the requirement to include 24- hours of personal protection/unarmed self-defense, situation evaluation and Pepper Spray training within two years of employment for all personnel performing visitor assistance duties.
    1996 Pepper Spray Task Force All studies came to same conclusion: Authorize OC for self-defense purposes
    1997 Briefed Director of Civil Works
    1998 Received Directors approval to conduct Pepper Spray field test
    1999-2001 Tested three recreation seasons (two at Belton-Stillhouse Hollow Lakes only; third was SWF-wide)
    Results: SWD recommended approval
    2002 Dir. Civil Works approved program
    2004 The Pepper Spray training was incorporated into the Visitor Assistance Basic training course

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