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O&M Contracts

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Contracts

Headquarters POC

O&M contracting is essential for the NRM community to accomplish its mission. O&M contracts have been expanded far beyond the simple small purchase-one task procurement for mowing or cleaning for one recreation season as existed years ago. Now, O&M contracts cover multiple tasks including park attendants, navigation maintenance, construction, major Public Use Area (PUA) renovation, visitor center attendants, etc. A recent development is that they can be awarded for a period of up to 15 years.

Everyone uses O&M contracts, but there may be no other activity in the Corps where there is such a difference from one District to another, or even from one project to another within the same District. There are only the two basic contract types (fixed-price and cost reimbursable), but there are a multitude of variations to pick from in each. In addition, new laws and new regulations are issued almost every day that change the way we do business. It is absolutely necessary for NRM professionals to know O&M contracts in order to manage an NRM project.

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