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OMBIL - Environmental Stewardship Headquarters' Perspective Banner

Headquarters' Perspective

    The purpose of the OMBIL is to provide the data and information requirements for program and project management at all levels of the O&M community. The OMBIL is intended to increase effectiveness and efficiency in data management by using and linking present data management systems, standardizing terms and data elements, and providing Corps-wide data distribution and access - to the same data. The Natural Resources business function work group is the mechanism by which the natural resources information requirements are being developed. This work group is participating in OMBIL efforts to model system functions (natural resources activities, actions, process and operations), functional relationships, and data information that support the systems integration, cross-business functions and Corps wide.

    The Natural Resources workgroup identified data requirements for the Natural Resources Business Program using used applicable laws, executive orders, regulations (particularly 1130-2-540), and Corps policy as guides. Development of the Natural Resources data input module followed. Included in the module are data input fields for data generated/used in day-to-day management of the natural resources on project lands. These data may have been the subject of individual data calls, but have not previously been the subject of a systematic data retrieval system. Potential users of the Natural Resources business information module were invited to review/comment on the preliminary module during January-February 1999. Only a few comments were received during this preliminary review period.

    Additional testing and revision of the OMBIL - Natural Resources component module is ongoing by members of the subject matter team and selected field representatives. Final deployment of the module is not yet scheduled. For more current updates on OMBIL, visit the web site

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