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Lessons Learned

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    Communication Skills
    When interacting with a person with a disability, use the same courtesy you would apply to your communications with anyone. Speak directly to the person, not his or her companion. Treat a mature person as an adult, not like a child. It's OK to offer assistance but don't interfere if your offer is not accepted.

    Some examples of appropriate language are:
    Put the Person FirstInappropriate
    Person with a disabilityDisabled person/cripple
    Person who uses a wheelchairHandicapped people/the handicapped
    Person who is deafDeaf and dumb
    Person with a learning disabilitySlow/retard
    Accessible facilitiesHandicapped facilities

    ADA Door Opener
    You might want to consider having ADA door openers checked at your projects and other locations. The opener was attached to the door trim with wood screws. The wood screws were not of sufficient length to adequately penetrate the substrate. The door trim was attached to the wall with finishing nails. The extra weight of the opener and frequent opening and closing caused the finishing nails and wood screws to work loose. The opener was an add-on that was installed by a supplier about three years ago.

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