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Invasive Species Leadership Team Team Members Banner

Team Members

Name MSC Species/area of interest/expertise
Libby Watt CELRD  
Mike Greer CELRB-PM-PA Sea lamprey
Michael Saucier CEMVN-OD-T Invasive Plant Management
Mark Cornish CEMVR-PD-E Asian carp
Tim Dykstra CENWD  
Damian Walter - Chair CENWW  
Rena Weichenberg CENAB  
Tara Whitsel NAB-OPF-R  
Tim Feavel CEPOA-CO-O-C  
Jon Lane CESAJ-OD-A  
Debby Scerno CESAD  
Dana Price CESPA-PM-LE  
Nadenia "Deanie" Kennedy CESPD-PDS-P Ecosystem Restoration
Cherrie-Lee Phillip CESWD  
Brandon Mobley CESWF-OD-TN Invasive Weeds/Brush, Feral Hogs
Kate Bliss CEPOD  

HQ Proponents:

  • Jeremy Crossland
  • Joe Wilson
  • DoD

  • Doug Burkett
  • Bill Miller
  • Maria Franks
  • Alixis Kolarz
  • Daniel Cokerham
  • ERDC Liaisons:

  • Al Cofrancesco       CEERD-EM-W
  • Linda Nelson       CEERD-EM-W
  • Courtney Chambers       CEERD-EE-E
  • HAB Liasons:

  • Tony Clyde
  • Eric Emery
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