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Invasive Species Leadership Team Team Members Banner

Team Members

Major Subordinate Command Name Phone
Great Lakes & Ohio River Division Christopher DeSmit (765) 344-1570
Timothy Noon 716-879-4261
Mississippi Valley Division Michael Saucier 504-862-2525
Mark Cornish 309-794-5385
North Atlantic Division Rena Weichenberg 347-370-4568
Brianna Treichler 610-376-6337
Northwestern Division Mike Langeslay 503-808-4060
Damian Walter 509-527-7136
Pacific Ocean Division Kate Bliss 808-835-4626
South Atlantic Division Jon Lane 904-232-1044
Nicole Bonine 404-562-5230
South Pacific Division Cynthia Fowler 415-503-6858
Dana Price 505-342-3378
Southwestern Division Cherrie-Lee Philip 501-324-5704
Brandon Mobley 817-886-1565

Michael Richards 202-821-8226
Joe Wilson 202-761-7697
Cathleen Forget 913-999-1917

Engineer Research & Development Center (ERDC)
Jeremy Crossland 202-821-8226
Mike Greer 716-879-4229
Jennifer Seiter-Moser 601-634-4038
Christine VanZomeren 601-634-3702
Tara Whitsel 814-795-4223

DoD Liaisons
Armed Forces Pest Management Board Doug Burkett 301-295-8304
Army William Miller 210-466-1599

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