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Invasive Species Leadership Team Program Summary Banner

Program Summary

    The Invasive Species Leadership Team was established by a CECW-CO Memorandum dated 13 July 2005. The team was established in order to provide direction to ongoing research programs, represent the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on regional invasive species councils and to assist USACE Headquarters in the development of national invasive species policy and program management.

    Responsibilities have evolved to the ISLT providing direction to achieve goals and objectives that complement the NISMP and that are applicable to USACE Civil Works programs and projects. The ISLT mission is to provide support for the exchange and sharing of information, as well as support to develop and provide strategic recommendations to USACE and U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC).

    The ISLT generally consists of one representative from each Major Subordinate Command (MSC)/Division Office and a representative from one of the District offices within each MSC. HQUSACE proponents include a representative from Natural Resources Management, Navigation, Planning, Military Missions, a technical proponent from the ERDC, and a representative from the Armed Forces Pest Management Board (AFPMB) and from the Federal Integrated Pest Management Coordinating Committee (FIPMCC).

    Invasive Species Management CoP
    The USACE ISMCoP is a subgroup of the Environmental Community of Practice (ECoP) that provides a community of specialized knowledge and skills within USACE to assist all business lines. The ISMCoP regularly interacts to collectively learn, solve problems, build skills and competencies, and develop best practices around a shared concern, goal, mission, set of problems, or work practice related to invasive species management. Oversight is conducted by the ECoP. Implementation and operation of the ISMCoP is the responsibility of the ISLT.

    Mission Objectives
    The overall goals and objectives of the ISLT are to implement the NISMP and USACEs Invasive Species Policy. Review of the goals and objectives success and progress is biannual and adjusted according to assessments and reports from ISLT members. Primary Goals include:

    • Prevention
    • Early Detection, Rapid Response
    • Control, Eradication, Restoration
    • Coordination and Cooperation
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