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Sign Material Performance Guide
for Interpretive Application

    Very High = VH; Very Good = VG; Very Low = VL; High = H; Good = G; Low = L; Fair = F; Poor = P

Sign Material Scratch Resistance Impact Resistance Weather Resistance Replacement Cost Graphic Range Required Maintenance Years of Service Relative Cost Overall Rating
Porcelain enamel on steel (glass)* VG VG VG H VG L 20+ VH VG
Fiberglass embedded* G VG VG V L VG L 10+ H VG
Baked enamel on metal (paint) P G F H F M 5+ M F
Photoprocessed aluminum* G G VG M G L 10+ H G
Silkscreened or painted aluminum P P G M F M 5+ M F
Cast aluminum F F VG H P L 20+ M P
Castbronze or brass F G VG H P L 40+ H P
Engraved or etched stainless steel F G G M F L 10+ M P
Routed or sandblasted wood (painted) P P P H F H 5+ M F
Engraved plastic P F F L P L 5+ L P
Rearscreen printed plastic* F F G M G M 5+ M G
Applied vinyl P F F L P M 5+ L P

    * Materials appropriate for outdoor interpretive signs.

    Note: All comments in the above table are intended for guidance only. Reprinted from Interpretive Exhibits, Inc., Salem, Oregon.

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