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Interpretation for All Populations

    Questions to consider when you are designing interpretive displays/exhibits:

    1. Mobility Impaired:
      1. If exhibits are provided, can a wheelchair approach them?
      2. Are exhibits, signs, and labels at 65" (maximum) and 54" (minimum) at reading level?
      3. Are horizontal exhibits (maps, models, etc.) at 30" (minimum) and 49" (maximum) heights, respectively?
      4. Are items to be manipulated on exhibits (knobs, buttons):
        1. Mounted at a maximum height of 48" for a frontal approach?
        2. Mounted at a maximum height of 54" for a side approach?
      5. Are tactile objects placed:
        1. With a 24" reach?
        2. At a maximum height of 48"?
        3. At a minimum height of 9"?

    2. Hearing Impaired:
      1. If audio exhibits are provided, is information available in print?
      2. Where is this material located?

    3. Visually Impaired:
      1. Is available interpretive information for displays/exhibits provided in audio or large-point print (24-point minimum for printed material)?
      2. Is the service clearly advertised?
      3. Are exhibits/signs adequately lighted?
      4. Do exhibits/signs use high contrast colors?
      5. Do exhibits/signs use non-glare glass?
      6. Do interpretive labels use maximum contrast (light on dark or vice versa)
      7. Are interpretive signs raised?
      8. Are tactile exhibits available?
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