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Program Summary

    1974 USACE Regulation No. 70-2-5 Research and Development Remote Sensing Coordinators’ Responsibilities
    1982 ArcINFO launched
    1982 Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) launched by USA-CREL
    1992 ArcView launched
    1994 Executive Order 12096 – Coordinating Geographic Data Acquisition and Access: The National Spatial Data Infrastructure Geographic information is critical to promote economic development, improve our stewardship of natural resources, and protect the environment. Modern technology now permits improved acquisition, distribution, and utilization of geographic (or geospatial) data and mapping. The National Performance Review has recommended that the executive branch develop, in cooperation with state, local, and tribal government, and the private sector, a coordinated National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) to support public and private sector applications of geospatial data in such areas as transportation, community development, agriculture, emergency response, environmental management, and information technology
    2002 OMB circular A-16. This circular provides direction for federal agencies that produce, maintain, or use spatial data either directly or indirectly in the fulfillment of their mission. This circular establishes a coordinated approach to electronically develop the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and establishes the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
    2005 EM 1110-1-2909. Engineering and Design - Geospatial Data and Systems Guidance to integrate geospatial data into business practices
    2005 ER 1110-1-8156. Engineering and Design - Policies, Guidance, and Requirements for Geospatial Data Systems
    2012 Corpswide eGIS in operation

    Example program summary for a division-wide enterprise GIS (E-GIS) created for EM 1110-1-2909

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