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GIS (Geographic Information System) Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. What are some good uses for GIS?

    • Property boundary line maintenance tracking
    • Shoreline management
    • Real estate tract identification
    • Invasive species management
    • Forestry management
    • Cultural resources
    • Endangered species
    • Master plan updates
    • Environmental Impact Statements
    • Tree vandalism
    • Buoys and navigation

    Q. Where do I start?
    A. Data availability differs district by district. Contact your POC to find out more, or explore the "Online GIS Interfaces" button for readily available data from other agencies.

    Q. How do I locate aerial photography?
    A. Check out the "Download Data" button for a link to purchase USGS ortho photography. If that doesn't work or your district doesn't have the data available, check with your local city and county government to see if data are available for purchase through them (this works better in cities).

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