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Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program (ERFO) Frequently Asked Questions Banner

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q. Why should I submit an ERFO Notice of Intent when I can request budgets for storm repairs through the Rec budget process?
    A. ERFO should be our first level of response for response and repairs to storm damages to transportation systems. The HQ budget team will consider budget packages for storm repairs to roads only after we know that ERFO has been applied for and either denied or only partially funded.

    Q. Is ERFO just for road repairs?
    A. Bridges and trails repairs are also allowed with ERFO. For trails, to be eligible it must be listed on the National Trail Inventory and have engineered surfaces. Examples, multi-use paths, walking trails, bike trails, snowmobile trails, boardwalks. Be thinking about trails as they will not be as competitive in USACE budget prioritization.

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