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Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program (ERFO)

The Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program (ERFO) was established to assist federal agencies with the repair or reconstruction of tribal transportation facilities, federal lands transportation facilities, and other federally owned roads that are open to public travel, which are found to have suffered serious damage by a natural disaster over a wide area or by a catastrophic failure. The intent of the ERFO program is to pay the unusually heavy expenses for the repair and reconstruction of eligible facilities.

Repairs under the ERFO program are intended to bring the facility back to pre-disaster condition - not substantially improve the facility. ERFO repairs are classified as either emergency or permanent repairs.

  • Emergency repairs are those repairs undertaken during or immediately after a disaster to restore essential traffic, to minimize the extent of damage, or to protect the remaining facilities. Prior approval is not required, however all other eligibility requirements of the program still apply.
  • Permanent repairs are those repairs undertaken after the occurrence of the disaster to restore facilities to their pre-disaster conditions. Prior approval is required.

More information about the ERFO program can be found here.

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